Why AVG Free Antivirus Remains a Popular Malware and Virus Protection Software

AVG is one of the popular free antivirus software available for users. Perhaps, the most obvious indicator for this is when it was bought for $1.3 billion by Avast in 2016. AVG Free Antivirus software is similar to the AVG Internet Security but sans other features the former offers, given that it is free. But this does not mean that the protection it offers the users is compromised.

In fact, this year, AVG comes with an added layer of protection to its security toolkit to beat malware an unpatched vulnerabilities to a pulp. For the year 2017, AVG is designed with a security tool known as CyberCapture, a cloud-based system that separates roque and malicious files for analyzation, to provide protection from zero-second malware.

Moreover, AVG Free Antivuris 2017 boasts of the new Passive Mode.  This feature will run two security tools on the system as well as protects the PC from malware sent online or through emails. Say, a user visits a suspicious and unsecure website, the Passive mode will do security checks and scans without disrupting the system.

Aside from these two security layers, a free performance scan has also been added to organize and de-clutter the hard drive.  This works similarly like Piriform CCleaner in which files that clutter the system are identified and removed. Most frequently used programs, such as, Flash, Google Chrome and Adobe Reader will also be getting regular updates to fight bugs and fix vulnerability issues via an automatic software updater feature that has also been packaged in the latest AVG Free Software edition.

Since Avast already owns AVG, this means that the protection users get for free comes from basically two malware security providers, doubling the security features of devices and PCs with the AVG installed. And now that you know what to expect from AVG Free Antivirus 2017, it is wise to have your PC and devices protected with this software and for free.

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