GTA 5 Online Update Every Fan Should Be Excited About

There are many things fans should be happy about the update for GTA 5 Online. Aside from the stunt races, there are lots of bonuses available for the avid supporters out there.

According to Rockstar, the races were custom-built for the Blazer Aqua, Rocket Voltic, and Ruiner 2000 vehicles. It makes use of the unique abilities and characteristics of these cars.

Rockstar also revealed the bonuses to be live, which include 25% off executive garages and offices. Moreover, there are additional discounts given on special vehicles in which a detailed list was not given. Players are also given a chance to earn double GTA$ and RP in the special vehicle missions. On the other hand, associates and bodyguards will have double GTA$ during the promo. In addition, a new set of adversary modes will be released in GTA Online during the spring.

GTA 5 is still popular after its release 3 years ago, making it a top-seller in the charts regularly. In fact, it has shipped around 75 million copies.

In a more recent update, GTA 5 Online will have a major release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One video consoles, which would be followed by an updated Creator Content DLC.

Since the GTA Online is now live, as it includes a set of tools for creating Stunt Races, which resulted from the content add-on of the Special Vehicle Circuit. The patch to be added this month will highlight the vehicle abilities with new props, such as explosive crates, boosts, and hurdles.

The new Stunt Tubes reportedly would send racers through an alternative dimension, including walls that would shake up the race tracks if ever the creators would decide to use them upon the creation of new tracks.

Another GTA 5 Online update is the addition of Hijak Ruston, a new car that is lightweight and pint-sized to be added to the Sports class.

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