The Sims 4 Bowling Night DLC Update Available Soon

The Sims 4 latest DLC is titled Bowling Night and it will come out this spring. Even though we have received little details about it, fans are going to be able to see what’s new as soon as the teaser trailer will be released this week.

How do we know about it?

Telegiz reported that fans could see the official title of the DLC on the Synnex website, and it was first mentioned on the most popular fan site for the game, The Sims Community. People found out about the new DLC from the teasing trailer of The Vampire Pack DLC, content that got to be released back in January. The excellent news is that it seems there is another DLC that will see its release this spring, so you might say it’s an exciting period for The Sims fans.

Thankfully, there were some agile fans that immediately spotted the leaked title of the new content for the game. However, despite this piece of information, we still don’t have enough details about it and have to wait until the release to see what’s it all about.

When are we going to find out more?

The Sims 4: Bowling Night, is in fact the DLC that was being promised to fans, even though there is no official information on it. Simguru Drake, who is an author who releases updates about the Sims on the official website, confirmed that before the release, the DLCs will be receiving a teaser trailer.

As such, the one for Bowling Night is going to be released this week, and then we will know more about the most recent content. Many fans expressed their wish for the DLC to contain various elements, from objects in the 1950s to a bowling contest, but it remains to be seen.

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