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Roku Tips – Content Streaming Made Easier

Roku is a streaming player that has fallen a little under the radar in recent years, due to the likes of Amazon’s Fire, Apple’s Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast. However, it’s undoubtedly still standing as the best streaming player in the market, as many satisfied users can and will surely tell you. That’s quite impressive, given the fact that Roku is, after all, a small Japanese company that cannot compare to giants such as Apple or Google.

Die-hard Roku fans have come to love its extensive pool of content and apps to choose from, as well as its innovative remote control. However, if you’re a Roku users, or plan on becoming one, here are five simple tips that will surely improve your user experience and make you love Roku even more.

Stream content directly from phone or table to Roku

You would think that, given the popularity of Apple and Google in the smartphone and other similar devices market, they would be the only ones that offer such an option. However, the Roku smartphone app will also allow you to stream content onto the player from your devices.

Use your phone as keyboard

As innovative as Roku’s remote control is, navigating the player with it can get tedious. And, if you’re more old school and don’t want to use voice search, you can simply connect your phone to the interface through the Roku mobile app and use it as a keyboard.

Add a fun screensaver

What better way to personalize your device than to add a fun screensaver that you like? If you’re tired of the boring Roku logo bouncing around, go to Settings > Screensaver and choose a new one.

Press replay

If you’re streaming a TV show or film on Roku and you miss a part of important dialogue because something distracted you, simply press the replay button on the remote. This makes whatever you’re watching jump back several seconds.

Customize feeds with your favorite content

There are literally thousands of channels available on Roku, but with the My Feeds feature, you can simply personalize your feed so that they will only show what you’re interested in.

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