Google Play Store Credit – Tricks on Earning More

Any Android smartphone user knows about the Google Play Store, the place where you go whenever you want to download and install Android apps on the device. Nowadays, this platform seems to be the most popular in the digital market, and Google Play Store is the place where you find all the Android apps and games that get released.

What Is Google Play Store Credit?

This designates the money you add from a credit or debit card or from Google Play gift cards. It’s easy to find gift cards on the web or from the Android device, and the best thing about them is the fact that they don’t expire.

What Is It Good For?

If you have the Google Play Store added to your account, this move will protect you from having to add balance from your cards. Moreover, it allows you to access apps quickly, and you payments are faster and easier. Besides, it is a safe way to use your credit in this way if you know you download often paid apps.

How to Earn Free Credit

Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app made by Google Consumer Surveys. It is an alternative for the Play Store credits, except that you don’t need to add any money or to buy any gift cards. You receive free surveys once a week and you have to answer them. The questions are accessible and relevant, and you can get up to $1.00 in Play Store credits.


This is another useful app that offers free gift cards. Unlike other such apps though, this one brings you free gift cards not just for Google Play, but also for Amazon, Skype, Starbucks, Spotify, Xbox and so on. You just have to try out new free apps and games and you will get credits. You can also redeem the credits you have for gift cards.

Free Gift Cards App

Free Gift Cards is perhaps one of the best apps that let you get free credit for many apps and websites, such as iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, PayPal, Google Play Store and so on. It offers various deals for you to complete if you want to earn your rewards. For example, you have to run apps in the Point offers, watch videos, invite your friends to try out this app and log daily into the app.


This is one of the most popular rewards app that offers free credit for iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, PayPal and so on. It lets you try out the app for free and gives you gift cards to redeem. You have to open the app after installing it in order to earn the points.


JunoWallet is yet another alternative app with which you can obtain rewards, together with free gift cards. For this purpose, you have to play games, watch videos, make calls, invite your friends or complete surveys. Juno also offers you gift cards for Ebay, Xbox, iTunes or Amazon, plus for many other stores.

Cubic Reward

This app offers free gift cards if you play the most recent apps and games on your Android smartphone or tablet. With the credits, you can buy any apps or games on the Play Store. It is a secure app and you can run any app smoothly and fast.

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is yet another simple and efficient app that allows you earn credit codes. Just like with other apps, you have to download free apps and games in order to earn points or to redeem free gift cards. Obviously, there are gift cards for other stores and services as well.

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