PlayStation 5 to be Released In 2018

Three years have passed since the PlayStation 4 has hit the stores. It seems that the PlayStation fans are already wondering when the PlayStation 5 will be released.

We have to mention that, usually, Sony would already begin the development of the PlayStation 5, but it seems that until now, the company has not mentioned anything about it. However, let’s not forget that the PlayStation 4 was a real success and currently the console is still being sold quite well.

This means that Sony will most likely wait a bit longer until it will finally bring some official announcements regarding the PlayStation 5. For now, more than 53.4 million units of PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold worldwide. Keep in mind that this number has been confirmed by Sony and we can say that it is quite impressive that the company managed to sell so many consoles.

However, Sony has managed to sell 150 million units of PlayStation 2, which clearly shows that PlayStation 4 is not the best selling console that Sony has ever created. On the other hand, Microsoft has managed to sell only 26 million Xbox One consoles, which means that Sony is still doing very well when compared to the American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

PlayStation 5 To Be Released In 2018

According to some rumors, the PlayStation 5 will be released sometime in late 2018. However, we are not sure that this will happen, as Sony will most likely delay the release of this console in order to sell as many PlayStation 4 consoles as they can.

Let’s not forget that the company has already released the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro and it will be a stupid thing to bring the PlayStation 5 so soon.

Do you think that PlayStation 5 will be released in late 2018?

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