The Sims 4 Update: Do You Think This Is What You Have Expected?

Aside from fixing a number of issues within The Sims 4 game, Electronic Arts has also released new updates, which include some design changes to its main menu. A patch note was released from the official help page of EA, which has detailed some fixes and changes to its Sims game series.

Although it now has a new look, all of the things in the main menu still functions the same. The play button is now placed on a different location of the screen, while the Load Game and New Game buttons have now been created to be more visible to the players. These are now located next to the Continue button, which is also known as the play button.

Moreover, there were simplifications done to the main menu page at the upper-right side, which include the Options and Gallery buttons. Meanwhile, on the lower-left side of the page you can see information about the installed game packs of the players.

Likewise, the issues were addressed and fixed with the new update. Such issues include the disappearing babies after aging up and the toddler problems that would put them in strange locations. However, when issues still arise, EA is expected to release additional updates along the way.

It can be recalled that The Sims 4 was released with the Vampires Game Pack. This is where players were allowed to live out their dreams of becoming vampires themselves. So, players would have special abilities, such as supernatural speed or ordering others to perform the wish of the player. Well, they still come with some weaknesses though, which would include uncontrollable hissing and sensitivity to sunlight.

If you think the latest update to The Sims 4 is better than what you have expected, perhaps it is time that you update your own copy today.

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