Apple’s 2017 iPad vs. 2016 9.7 iPad Pro – Best Specs and Performance Comparison

We have to agree that every new type of hardware released by Apple is set to gain lots of fans and even to convince people who own already an Apple product to switch to the new version. This is the case with the new iPad too, which runs on an A9 CPU for the price of $329. However, we shouldn’t forget about the iPad Pro either, which brings lots of improvements. But let’s see a brief comparison between the two!


The 9.7 inches iPad Pro, just like the other 12.9 inches version, runs on the A9X processor, together with the M9 co-processor. Meanwhile, the 2017 iPad only has the A9 CPU, which is an improvement towards the iPad Air 2, but it’s still less than the iPad Pro.

Weight and size

The new iPad version has the dimensions 240×169.5×7.5 mm. The iPAd Pro 9.7 has the same dimensions, but the difference lies only in the weight: the iPad Pro weighs 7 grams less than the iPad Air 2. As such, the iPad Pro still is the thinnest and lightest iPad product available on the market.


The new iPad runs on a 32.4 Wh battery, while the Pro version has a 27.91 Wh cell. It seems that Apple doesn’t want to quit the same line they repeated for their tablets for quite a while: “up to 10 hours of video, 140 hrs of audio playback or 1 month in standby mode”. However, since the batteries are different, it seems that the new iPad is better than the 9.7 inches iPad Pro.


Regarding the price, you have to know that the new iPad begins at $329 for the 32 GB version (only with Wi-Fi), and it can reach even $559 for the 128 GB and 4G version. Meanwhile, a 32 GB version of the iPad Pro costs $559, reaching $829 for 128 GB and 4G.

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