Macbook Pro 2017: What Can Users Expect This Time?

Mac users and fans got excited with the powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar and its features when it was released in October last year. Months after the hype is over, consumers are now looking forward to the release of its successor, the new MacBook Pro 2017. When will it be launched and what are the new features? While nothing is yet confirmed, it is not surprising for rumors to surface. Just what does this much-awaited device have to offer?

Possible Kaby Lake Processor or AMD Ryzen

Well, MacBook Pro 2016 came with Intel’s Skylake processor, among other things. Knowing Apple to equip its devices with newer and better components, the successor to the Pro 2016 is expected to be powered by the latest processor the company can find. That said, when MacBook Pro 2017 comes out, it might have the Kaby Lake processor chip in it.  Conversely, there are also speculations that it might go for an AMD processor instead, Ryzen. It is an octa-core processor with 16 threads as well as an efficient TDP at 65W. Or perhaps, Apple will opt for an AMD Raven Ridge APU. Whichever will make it to the cut, it will either be from Intel or from AMD. But for simple tasks, Apple might probably rely on its own chip since reports say that works on this processor started last year.


The current MacBook Pro is powered by the Skylake processor that can only accommodate 16GB RAM. Since the upcoming model is expected to run on a more powerful processor, fans are looking at a 32GB RAM. This is more likely to happen since there is a clamor for a higher RAM from MacBook Pro users. Btu then again, if this would necessitate a new RAM controller capable of supporting LPDDR4, naysayers find it more unlikely since Kaby Lake does not support this. Moreover, Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing for Apple expressed that 32GB RAM requires a powerful DDR memory and a different architecture for the logic. These can compromise the space for batteries and consequently, its longevity.

Radeon Graphics

With the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 designed with dual graphics, the Radeon Pro 450 or Radeon Pro 455, on top of the Intel HD Graphics 530, the MacBook Pro 2017 will be equipped with a better one. Speculators say that the latest model will have Radeon RX 500, in time for its launch this year. It can be remembered that the 13-inch Pro 2016 with Touch Bar has Intel Iris Graphics 550 while the model sans the Touch Bar sports the Intel Iris Graphics 540.

Ports and Touch Bars

Ports which used to be included in previous MacBook Pro models vanished with the release of the MacBook Pro 2016 except for the headphone jack. If rumors are true, this will also be retained in the next model. Conversely, for the Touch Bars, there are reports that Apple will retain them but improvements since the current touch bars reduces battery power.

While marketing SVP for Apple offers their thoughts on the possible features of MacBook Pro 2017 like the RAM, Microsoft, on the other hand is tightlipped on the Surface Pro 5 release date and rumors. Whichever comes first between the two, there is no doubt, fans will be looking forward to the launching of these two devices.

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