WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks You Can Easily Learn

Lots of mobile users are enjoying the benefits of using WhatsApp for Android and iPhone. Likewise, it provides the same advantages by using the WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac users. However, even as it has quickly become a popular app these days, there are still a few tips and tricks that every user needs to know to take the WhatsApp experience to the next level. Here are some of the things that you might find useful when using WhatsApp Web.

Setting Password for WhatsApp with the WhatsApp Locker

It is one of the wishes of every user to keep messages and chats private, as well as keep data protected from hackers. In fact, it is but natural to keep messages from the messenger as secret as possible that no one else can read them. With the use of a security lock or otherwise known as WhatsApp lock, which you can download, you will be able to lock messages from hackers.

Extending the Trial Period for Using WhatsApp

How you wish you could extend the trial period of premium services from WhatsApp. So be it, you can now extend the trial period without paying for anything. Just delete your WhatsApp messenger account and uninstall the app from your device. Simply visit the Play Store and install the latest version of the app from your PC or Android device. Just create a new account using the same phone number. You can now use WhatsApp for another year free of charge.

Hiding the Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

The last visit time and date on WhasApp is featured as Last Seen status. This can be seen by others, but it can also be turned off if you like. Simply open WhatsApp on your device and tap Settings. Tap on Account under the Settings tab and then tap privacy. You can notice that the Last Seen option is under Privacy tab. Click the Last Seen option and choose Nobody to hide your status from others.

Sharing of Files Using WhatsApp

Basically, you can send any file to your recipients via WhatsApp messenger. But you can also send more, including Zip, PDF, and APK files to your friends. Simply download Whats Packed 2 Ads APK. You can install this on your Android smartphone so that you can use this feature. Just make sure that the recipient also installed this file on his or her device to receive that particular file.

Retrieving Deleted Conversation from WhatsApp

Sometimes, it is normal to delete conversations on WhatsApp, whether accidentally or intentionally. However, you might be worried if you have deleted an important message from a friend. Well, this must be your lucky day because you can recover that said message if you follow this tip. Since WhatsApp would store all conversation on your Android phone memory, you can recover it in no time. Just uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and reinstall it. When you are reinstalling, you will be asked to restore the messages. Simply click on Restore to recover all the deleted messages you have on WhatsApp.

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