Handy WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks You Might Not Be Aware Of

With more than one billion users, WhatsApp is obviously an effective and popular instant messaging app. However, not all the fans of this cross-platform app know that there are other ways to maximize the potential of this widely-used communications app. While for others, simply sending messages and making voice as well as video calls suffice, there are some who are not familiar with the tips and tricks they can take advantage of.

Here are some interesting techniques on making the most of your WhatsApp messenger:

  • Enjoy WhatsApp from your desktop.

With WhatsApp Web, you can now sync your smartphone to your laptop or desktop so you can view your messages. All you need is to just scan the QR code from your mobile device and follow the steps in installing WhatsApp Web on your desktop.

  • Read Receipts and Hide Timestamps

Sometimes, you do not want to reply to a message sent to you or just don’t have time to do so right away. However, the sender will be able to know that you have already read the message since the “Last Seen” timestamp will appear. This can be addressed by simply making some changes in the settings. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy. Select “Nobody” so you can your actions. In this section, it is also possible to hide read receipts, profile photo and status.

  • Hide Chat Conversations

If you do not want other people who sometimes borrow your phone to know who are you chatting with on WhatsApp, it is possible to archive you chat conversations. While this does not transfer the data to your external storage nor delete the conversations, this trick will simply organize your chats and will not be seen on the screen. To read them again, simply pull the conversation window from the top of the Chats display and click on the Archived Chats tab. Moreover, you can archive all conversations by going to Settings, scrolling down and selecting Archive All Chats.

  • Keep Incoming Media from Automatically Saving

Videos and images sent via WhatsApp is automatically saved to “Gallery” and “Camera Roll” in Android and iPhone devices, respectively. Since there are times when your friend will send you a photo or video you do not intend to keep, you need to spend time to delete unwanted sent items. To avoid this, simply choose toggle off on the “Saving Incoming Media” option of your Android or iOS from Chat Settings under Settings.

  • Monitor Data Usage

If you often use your data to use WhatsApp, you might end up paying more than what you can afford. Learn how much data you are using with this simple trick. Go to Settings > Account > Data Usage > Network Usage. Here, you will find out how many messages have been sent and received as well as the amount of data you have used.

You can make the most of your experience in using this popular messaging app if you know the tips and tricks of WhatsApp, from reading the message without alerting the sender to sending animated GIFs. Just keep your eye on the updates so as not to miss anything.

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