GTA Online Bug Comes With Police Vehicle Problems

Stealing police cars is perhaps one of the greatest joys in the Grand Theft Auto game series, and that includes GTA Online. However, over the weekend, players couldn’t perform this neat pretend-crime for a while, because the cars were literally locked. So locked in fact, that not even the police could access them.This cause a number of funny videos to pop up of non-player police officers struggling to get in their cars, and subsequently failing.

The Personal Vehicles Tag Glitch That Caused It All

All this was caused by a little glitch in the personal vehicles tag system. The personal vehicle tag is a tag that prevents players from stealing each other’s cars in the game. However, starting with March 24, police cruisers also somehow carried this tag, which confused many. Avid players have quickly taken to the Internet to speculate about the reasons behind the glitch.

The common consensus on GTAForums seemed to be that the glitch was caused by Rockstarthemselves, in an attempt to fix the vehicle duping glitch. Reportedly other vehicles were also affected, such as ambulances, police cars, medical helicopters and all sorts of other rides. However, many YouTube videos popped up showing non-player police officers trying to get into their cars and failing miserably. This has been cause for great humor among GTA Online players over the weekend.

However, later in the day, the glitch was resolved. The circumstances surrounding it are still a mystery, because Rockstar made no official report of it. In fact, if you think about it, the glitch was rather minor. The only reason it was noticed in the first place is because Grand Theft Auto players love stealing police cars so much. Fortunately, that only happens in the game, and not in reality as well.

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