Viber 6.8 Update Comes With Secret Chats and Message Backup

Viber has been quite on track lately, offering various new features that kept people curious. Only two weeks ago the company brought two innovative features: secret chats and message backup (restore). The secret chats option allows you set a time limit for the chat which will make the message self-destruct, pretty much in the same manner as Telegram’s secret chats work. The message backup option does exactly what it promises: it helps you make a manual backup of the messages and store them on Google Drive. It is extremely useful in case you lose or phone, so that you can get access to older messages and information there.

Now there is another update, the Viber 6.8 one, which lets people add crazy stickers to photos, thus making them more entertaining.

How to use the new feature?

With the new update, users are able to add various stickers to the photos you send. There are also new stickers added which are made especially for this feature. This means that they are different than the rest, and you will find here glasses, hats, beards and lots of other fun ideas. If you use regularly Snapchat or Messenger, it is quite similar to the way in which you add stickers and filters there. You just have to choose an image and then choose stickers for it.

Other Viber details

Viber represents quite a popular cross-platform messaging app. Perhaps one of the most appreciated features about it is the fact that you can use it across various platforms. Only last year, its users sent more than 40 billion stickers, which is truly impressive. The new updates are believed to bring even more fans and users. Many people are curious to test out all the sticker packs that were designed especially for this occasion.

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