Minecraft Discovery Update Soon To Be Released With A New Adventure Mode

Soon, Minecraft will bring the Discovery Update to Windows 10 and Pocked editions, which means that players will get the chance to have more options when it comes to exploring and to journeys for the woodland mansions. The official Minecraft blog says that you can “barter with a cartographer” and obtain a treasure map in order to look out for your fortune. The maps you have will lead you to the woodland mansions, and there you can fight Illagers for the treasure.

Update Details

The upcoming Discovery Update resembles a lot the Exploration Update that was brought to the vanilla version of Minecraft in November 2016. Back then we saw for the first time the llamas appearing as mobs that can be tamed and being used as pack animals. They are also part of the Discovery Update and work in a similar manner as the Llamas in the PC version of the game.

A New Adventure Mode

The update will also come together with a new adventure update, for people who are feeling creative and want to create their own custom scenarios and games. Soon enough, we will be able to find more information on the official blog of the game regarding the update. As it seems, there is little to wait until the Discovery Update will be released for the Android version of the Pocket Edition.

Somehow, Minecraft manages to keep itself in the top of the monthly US sales listings made by the NDP Group. The game doesn’t seem to decrease in popularity at all. Moreover, Minecraft will arrive soon to Nintendo Switch, which makes fans even happier. As a matter of fact, this is going to be the first Nintendo portable product that will enjoy a version of this extremely popular game.

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