Minecraft Update DLC Released With Fun Power Rangers Animation

Minecraft has come to be loved by worldwide players for many things, and one of the most beloved perks of the game are its many fun expansions. Previous expansions have included Star Wars, Halo and the Simpsons, among many others. Chances are, if you’re a fan of something, there’s a Minecraft expansion for it. The game’s developers always have their players covered and love giving them new, cool things to try out. And it seems they’re at it again.

With the new Power Rangers film being the most exciting event of 2017 for long-time fans, as well as newer ones, it seems that Minecraft, the beloved independent sandbox game, has joined in on the fun with a new DLC. The new expansion comes with skins that let you dress up as any of the five main Power Rangers, as well as either Bulk, Skull, Rita or Repulsa. Pretty awesome, right?

Experience the New Power Rangers Live-Action Film in Your Minecraft World

The Power Rangers Pack is an amazing find for old and new fans alike, because it lets you create your own little Power Rangers animation inside your Minecraft World. The skins are now available on all versions, such as the Minecraft console, mobile devices and desktops running on Windows 10. The price tag is very affordable, coming up at about 3 dollars, and the download isn’t a big one either, with the files totaling just 10.09 MB.

Fun for Gamers and Developers

The new Power Rangers expansion pack for Minecraft isn’t just fun for gamers, it was fun for developers as well. One of the artists that worked on the skins actually stated that he “had a blast” during the process of creating the skins, and he hopes gamers will have the same reaction when playing with them.

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