iOS 10 Improvements and Advice for a Better Experience

Every time a new mobile OS gets released, naturally, there are some new features. Just like the iOS 9 or iOS 8, iOS 10 brings lots of improvements and tricks for its latest version. There may be some quirks and  bugs, but thankfully there are a couple of tips and tricks to help you.

Kill the unused Apple apps

The best news with the new iOS 10 is the fact that now you can kill the Apple apps you don’t need. Apple pre-loads lots of apps on all the devices, but only now you can delete them for good. Just hold down on an icon until they start wiggling and then click the X that appears on the app. You can always reinstall them again if you wish from the App Store.

Clear notifications easily

People have been waiting for this for a long time now! When you have lots of notifications, now you can just clear them all app, not just one app at once. It is available only on iPhone 6S or higher versions with the 3D Touch. Just tap and hold the X at the top and then choose the option “Clear All Notifications”.

Get quick access to the camera

The camera app on the iPhone is great. With the help of the Control Center, you could access the camera quite easily on the previous versions of the iOS, but with the iOS 10 it’s faster: swipe left anywhere on the lock screen and that’s it.

Show video and images in messages

Before, if you shared a link with the Messages app, the person receive the link. Now, the iMessage recipient will receive the full image/video in the message. As such, they can play it back and view it instantly without having to click the link first.

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