Pokémon Go Lack of Interesting Updates Made Gamers to Quit

When the Pokémon GO was released, many gamers have tried it out. In fact, the Pokémon Go servers were crashing because of how many people were playing this game. Niantic was very pleased about how things were going, but in just 2 months after the release, the players have already started leaving.

In fact, the game’s daily users has dropped by about 80%, which means that from 28.5 million active players back in July 2016, at the end of 2016 there were only 5 million. It seems that the decline has started around the end of October 2016 and even if the developers have tried to bring back some of the players using Halloween event, they’ve failed.

However, let’s not forget that in the first month after the release, the game has managed to generate $200 million for Niantic. At the same time, even if the game’s daily user base has decreased, most of the gamers that are still playing it are using real money to purchase stuff from the store.

One of the reasons why the players have started to leave Pokémon Go was because the developer has not managed to release some interesting updates, which were requested by the users. For example, one of the features that many users have expected was the one that would allow them to swap their Pokémon with other fans around the globe. In other words, the players that are living in less populated or rural areas are limited because they don’t have too many gamers in their city to exchange Pokémon.

At the same time, the latest update that has been released for Pokémon has brought many connection issues and bugs in the Gym battles. Unfortunately for Niantic, this game will most like die within a few months, as there are already other games that are preparing to be released.

Are you still playing Pokémon Go? Tell us your thoughts about this game!

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