Clash of Clans Tips On How To Save Gems and Build A Village

Supercell has released the Clash of Clans game for iOS back in 2012. A year later, the game was also released for devices running on Android. Despite the fact that many years have passed since then, the mentioned game is still very popular. In fact, there are new players installing it everyday and this is the reason why today we’ve come with some Clash of Clans Tips for newbies.

Saving Your Gems

The “premium” currency in Clash of Clans is “Gem.” The gems allow you to buy shields, speed up building or troop training and many more. However, if you don’t plan to spend real money in this game, we suggest you to just save the gems and purchase “Builder’s Hut.”

Each Builder’s Hut building comes with a “builder” that allows you to build and upgrade the structures from your village. By completing the tutorial, you will get two Builder’s Huts (the first one is free, while for the second one you will pay 250 gems), while for the other three more available you will need to pay 500, 1000 and 2000 gems.

Building Your Village

Since you’ve just started playing this game, we suggest you to look for some good layouts for your village. You should NEVER start randomly building your village, as you might notice that soon enough, the players will be able to steal your resources with ease.

There are some basics of buildings and first of all, you should aim to defend your Town Hall and your resources. This is the reason why you should put these buildings in the middle of the village. Nearby them, you can also put some defensive structures such as Hidden Tesla, X-Bow, Archer Tower etc. At the same time, build some walls in order to stall the attackers and give more time to the defensive structures to kill them.

Using Shield & Rebuild

There are times when nobody will attack you and this is when you are out of resources and the person who wants to attack you doesn’t need trophies. However, when your village is full of resources and you want to logout, you should active the Shield feature.

We remind you that when you start playing Clash of Clans, you will receive a 3 day FREE shield that will protect your village, but if you attack a player during that time, the shield will be automatically canceled, so make sure that you don’t attack any player during the first days and just focus on building your village.

At the same time, when someone destroys 40% or more of your base (or your Town Hall), you will get a 12 hour free Shield. However, if your base is 90% or more destroyed, you will get a 16 hour free Shield. Keep in mind that this shield is also canceled once you attack a player!

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