Minecraft Update Available With New Map That Includes Rebuilding London

“Great Fire 1666” is a map for Minecraft game, which allows players to rebuild London after the fire that took place back in September 1666. We remind you that this map is following the previous maps that have been released in July and September 2016.

It seems that some of the characters that are inside this map are voiced by some popular YouTubers such as NinjaBob, Wizard Keen and BigBStaz. At the same time, the King Charles II’s voice is acted by Stampy’s dad. The Museum of London has been created by Adam Clarke along with Minecraft professional teams from Dragonz and BlockWorks.

It is good to know that Adam is working globally with schools, museums and institutions using Minecraft and other video games that are able to educate and entertain pupils. Adam is playing “Wizard Keen” in children’s educational Minecraft show, Wonder Quest, with his buddy YouTuber that goes by the name of Stampy.

We have to remind you that Dragnoz has also worked on the design of “Wonder Quest” and other game design projects. Since he is a popular YouTuber, you can already check him out and see all of his educational games on his YouTube channel or his website. BlockWorks team has about 40 international builders, artists and animators, which are working together in order to create some awesome Minecraft maps.

You can already download and install the “Great Fire 1666: The Rebuild” map for Minecraft on your Windows PC or MacOS device from the internet. We remind you that the series is part of “Museum of London” projects, which is marking the 350th anniversary of the “Great Fire of London” event.

The first map in the series was based on Wenceslaus Hollar’s map of burnt London, from the museum’s collection, while the second map is allowing the player to save residents in mini-games, talk to famous persons (characters) from that time and fight the fire.

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