Windows Creators Update – What To Do Before Getting It

The release of Creators Update is almost here and this is the reason why we will talk about top 3 things that you should do before this update is released.

Limiting Start Up Applications

One of the reasons why some computers will take longer to boot is because there are many applications included in the startup. You should know that in most of your days you will not use most of these applications. We suggest you to disable unnecessary applications from the startup as they tend to slow down your computer. To disable an application from starting up when Windows loads you will have to go to Task Manager->Startup, right click the application and select “Disable.”

Defrag Your Hard Drive

There are many users who are ignoring the defragging process, which is really bad for a hard drive. The hard drives have spinning parts where the data is stored and as this data builds, the hard drive becomes overloaded. This means that you will start noticing the the computer is starting to respond very slowly when you are trying to open an application or when you try to access some files from your hard drive.

Windows 10, like the previous version of this OS, comes with a defragmentation application, which allows you to reorganize the data on the hard drive from your computer. However, keep in mind that if you have a SSD installed on your computer, the defragging procedure is automatically done, which means that you will NOT need to defrag your SSD.

Install More RAM

One of the easiest ways to boost up your computer is adding a few more GB of RAM. Many think that by changing the processor they will boost up their computer, which is almost true, but if you have a powerful processor and not much RAM, you will notice that your computer will be very slow. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you have a i5 or i7 processor, if you have only 2GB of RAM.

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