Join the Jailbreakers Unite Event!

Jailbreak tweak developers, as well as ordinary iOS users who love jailbreaking their devices, will want to attend Jailbreakers Unite, a two-day event which will take place in New York City.

Specifically, the event will be held at the Fat Cat Fab Lab in 224 West 4th Street on July 22 (from 12:00 PM to 6:00 P.M.) and July 23 (1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.). It’s organized by Andy Hoff, a long-time member of the jailbreaking community and the man behind UltimateiDeviceVids, a Twitter and YouTube account that focuses on iOS jailbreaks.

The event is open to everyone in the jailbreaking community, both to jailbreaking veterans as well as those who have recently stumbled upon the jailbreaking process.

Several speakers are lined up to give presentations during Jailbreakers Unite. These include William Vabrinskas, who works with ModMyi and is the developer behind Boxy, Vinculum, and other tweaks, as well as fellow developers Ryan Petric, Logan O’ Connel, and Andrew Wiik. Entrepreneur and consultant Jürgen West and security researcher Jerrick Davis are also scheduled to be guest speakers.

Aside from talks and presentations, Jailbreakers Unite will host a Jailbreak Setup Competition. Contestants will need to present the configurations of their jailbroken devices, including their home screen, lock screen, Control Center, and other elements. They have to ensure, though, that the tweaks they use are available on main Cydia repos. Attendees will then vote during the event to determine the winner, who will be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card.

Those who want to join the competition can email the screenshots of their device to the event organizers. They can also submit their entry at the event.

The talks and presentations will take place on July 22, while the Jailbreak Setup Competition will happen on July 23. After the competition, the event attendees will have plenty of time to interact with fellow jailbreakers.

Learn more about Jailbreakers Unite by going to, and check out this page to get the latest news about jailbreaking.

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