Whatspp Web Latest Version Download For April 2018 Geared Up For Business Users

Whatspp Web Latest Version Download

If you haven’t used WhatsApp Web in a while, there are some new features that you have missed out already. Well, one of the advantages that you might have taken for granted is the new business app available for business owners.

Here are the new features that are associated with the WhatsApp Web.

  • You will be notified the moment someone sends you a message
  • You can start chatting or continue by looking them up
  • You can get free calls for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones

In this case, you can use WhatsApp Web to be able to talk with friends or family, but you need to use the mobile app to place calls.

You may have also been wondering if WhatsApp Web can now be used to make voice calls. Well, this might not happen yet, at least for the short moment. This is because only smartphone users can make voice calls can make calls. But, this could possibly happen in the near future.

Business owners can also use WhatsApp Web in order to talk online with customers. Since January 2018, WhatsApp has begun providing this feature. This will allow them to use business profiles like business information and contacts. So, users will be alerted if there are new business users connected to WhatsApp Web.

At the same time, business owners can send messages using the WhatsApp Web Business. They will be able to greet to new customers and reply to frequently asked questions. Likewise, it allows them to send and receive messages through desktop computers with the use of WhatsApp Web.

However, the new free WhatsApp Web for business can only be downloaded by users from the U.S., Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Users from other countries may have to wait for a short while before the app can be made available.

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