WhatsApp APK Full Version Download For March 2018 Comes With New Features

WhatsApp APK Full Version Download for March 2018

Don’t feel left behind when a new version of your favorite app has been released because not all devices can receive over-the-air updates all the time. In fact, there are many apps that no longer support older Android devices anymore.

This is because a new version of WhatsApp can be downloaded even without going to the Google Play Store. The latest version of WhatsApp APK can be downloaded from its official website whatsapp.com. There you can choose a version for Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC, and Windows Phone.

When you choose the WhatsApp for Android, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store. However, most of the time, it can only provide a beta update, which means that it might not be fully functional on your mobile devices.

You can opt for the link whatsapp.com/android/ if you would like to get the updated full version of WhatsApp for Android. You will be directed to the appropriate website for your Android device. The latest version is 2.18.99, which is the official link that you can trust.

The minimum requirements for installing WhatsApp would need you to have at least Android OS 2.3.3 or newer version running on your mobile device. Likewise, you need to have an unlimited Internet data plan. Just take note that tablet devices are not yet supported with this app.

You can download WhatsApp APK from the link cdn.whatsapp.net/android/2.18.99/WhatsApp.apk. So, even when you are using your computer to download the APK file, you can do so provided that you are going to transfer that to your smartphone.

The latest update of the app also enables the notification of your contacts whenever you change your number. You can access this by navigating to Settings -> Account -> Change Number. This enables you to transfer your account info, groups, setting, and chats. However, this will work if you only use the same phone, wherein your WhatsApp groups will be notified automatically.

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