How To Fix Windows Update Stuck (May 2018) In 2 Easy Ways

Windows Update Stuck (May 2018)

There are a number of reasons why you get stuck when updating Windows on your computer. Sometimes, you can get frozen or stuck at the point when you receive the message “Checking for updates”. Well, there are also a number of quick fixes for your dilemma.

Basically, you can try to fix it by updating patches or drivers, as well as changing server settings of the DNS. On the other hand, you can uninstall the antivirus software or restore the system using Windows Troubleshooting.

If you still can’t fix this using the basic method, then you might require the help of some download tools to resolve the issue. Actually, there are at least 3 programs that should come in handy for fixing all kinds of update-related issues in Windows.

  • Windows Update Troubleshooter – This tool can be found on Windows 10, which you should open after searching for it on the search bar. Once you get to the troubleshooting panel, you need to choose Fix Problems with Windows Update and the next thing you know the issue has been fixed like a miracle.
  • Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) – This option is considered a tool you can manipulate from the Command prompt. This is used to mount and service Windows Images prior to deployment.

DISM would replace different deployment tools, such as ImageX, Package Manager, and PEimg. This tool is installed with Windows and distributed in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit.

However, if you are going to choose the Windows Update Troubleshooter, then you need to go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot -> choose Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can also download the troubleshooter for your own version of Windows 7 or 8, for instance.

Once the troubleshooter has done fixing the bug, you can now retry to run the Windows Update once more and install the available updates on your computer. Both tools are the best and the quickest methods to resolve Windows update issues.

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