WhatsApp BETA Update April 2018 Allows Audio Recording And Money Transfer Easily

WhatsApp BETA Update April 2018

There are more reasons why you need to update WhatsApp on your Android device this month. One reason being the easier way to record audio via WhatsApp beta for Android.

Beta Update For Recording Audio

WhatsApp is now rolling out a new beta update for Android devices that include the much requested feature, which is to record voice notes within the app hands-free. The user then will press and hold the mic button in order to record audio. Another option also appears on the screen enabling one to swipe up for locking the recording process. Thus, the app will still continue to record the voice note even without pressing and holding the mic button. However, you can still cancel this and delete the file after the recording without sending it to anybody.

You can get this update in beta, so you need to acquire it via the beta channel. Nevertheless, there is no update yet when it will officially be available on Android and iO platform.

Beta Update To Transfer Money

This new WhatsApp beta update allows you to scan a QR code and transfer money easily. This feature would complete the package for WhatsApp Payments and brings this service to equal that of Paytm.

Take note that this is only seen on the beta program of WhatsApp. This means that you can choose to be part of it by visiting the Google Play Store and register an account to be a beta tester.

Previously, WhatsApp has enabled the “send to UPI ID” feature, making it possible to send payments to any unique UPI IDs without sending through conversational thread. This can now be possible via QR code that would allow you to scan the WhatsApp Payments QR code of your friend and transfer money quickly.

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