Successfully Redeem Your Google Play Store Gift Card

Have you recently attained an email that has given you a Google Play credit? This credit can be used on any subscriptions or apps along with Amazon products. However, it can’t be used on just anything you want. There are some rules and restrictions to using the Google Play credit. 

3 Steps To Successfully Redeem The Gift Card

  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Tap the Menu button and hit the Redeem button
  • When prompted, type the code in and hit Redeem

After you’ve redeemed the card, it can be spent the way you want. If you’d like to use it on Amazon, you can purchase Kindle apps. 

While the credit can’t be used to purchase tangible consumer products, you can purchase apps for the Kindle device. However, you’ll need to enable “sideloading,” which lets you install other sources apps. Bear in mind that Amazon App Store is the Kindle’s only recognized store. If you purchase right from the store, you must have the Unknown Sources enabled. This can be done by going to Tap on Device, Allow Installation of Application and hit “Unknown Sources.”

You can’t get the Play Store on Kindle, which means you need to use the browser and visit the site to purchase it. After the transaction is done, turn the Unknown Sources option off. 

While sideloading isn’t all that dangerous, you should be aware that there is a chance for malware or spyware to be installed with the free apps. If you disable Unknown Sources, you decrease the risk of threats installing malware on the device.

You can use any remaining balance by purchasing apps, music, music subscriptions, books, movies, newsstand subscriptions and newsstand.

Sending A Google Play Credit

  • Start up the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap the Menu app and hit Send gift.
  • Pick the gift from the provided options and followed the instructions to send and purchase a gift onscreen. 

3 Rules To Using The Google Play Credit

The Google Play card is very convenient but not very flexible. 

  • The balance can be used to purchase content that is sold in the same currency. Therefore, a USD credit is only accepted in the U.S.
  • If you send a Google Play card, you can purchase currency in the country.  If you live in Australia, you can’t send a card to someone in Japan.
  • Google Play Music subscriptions may be purchased through the Google Play Newsstand… not any other apps. 

Be sure you update your Google Play store to ensure a smooth transaction. 

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