Wait For Xbox Scorpio Or Just Buy The Xbox One In 2018?

buy Xbox One in 2018

The most powerful gaming console yet is the Xbox One X codenamed Xbox Scorpio. This provides a major performance enhancement from its predecessor the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X is intended for users who want to experience best quality games on a console.

However, it is never that simple because there are many games on the Xbox One X games that wouldn’t offer custom advantages with the new hardware. Moreover, it doesn’t guarantee that every original Xbox One or Xbox One S would look or play better when rendered on the Xbox One X. This is because it is based on a game-by-game basis as a whole.

Understandably, the Xbox One X or Xbox Scorpio is an impressive piece of hardware that would take console performance to a new level. That being said, should it justify the decision to purchase it over the Xbox One S this year?

Enhancing your favorite game shouldn’t be that easy either just to enjoy the new graphics. This is because each developer has to consider update each game in order to take advantage of the new hardware of the One X.

Nevertheless, it should also justify your decision to buy the One X as it is four times more powerful compared to the Xbox One S, according to Microsoft. It has an octacore AMD processor running 2.3 GHz, with much improved AMD graphics chip, along with the 40 Compute Units.

Xbox One S might not be that advanced compared to the Xbox Scorpio or Xbox One X. However, there are things that you need to consider and compromise depending on your priorities. Well, if you want to get the most recent advancements in Xbox technology, then Xbox Scorpio is a must buy for you this year.

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