Can You Safely Use The Android App ShowBox

ShowBox is quickly becoming one of the most preferred Android apps in the world, and the reason isn’t really all that surprising. The app lets people attain the newest and best TV shows and movies without the need to pay for it.

You don’t have to spend any money a monthly subscription. Throw out your Netflix, get rid of your Hulu; ShowBox has all you want and need without the costs. Of course, many are questioning if ShowBox is safe to download and use. That’s a word that could have many interpretations.

Legal Ramifications

According to a Redditor from the ShowBox thread, ShowBox is safer than using torrent content. How so? Torrent content comes from downloading small bits of files from various users – users that could hide malware in a file. Or could be a person undercover from an anti-piracy organization. This is a legal ramification nobody wants to get involved with. 

Yes, it is highly possible a judge could see it as theft if you stream content without paying for it. The law, though, is more focused on people who download the content and then use that content for public performance. If you’re only streaming it for yourself or your family/friends, then you pretty much don’t have to worry about it.

Software Bugs and Other Problems

The biggest problem with ShowBox are the bugs. There have been several reports of people having issues with it – various bugs that have affected the way it is supposed to perform. There are, however, no reports of hacking or hacking attempts. The possibility if there though since ShowBox isn’t very secure.


How is that? You can’t get it from Google Play Store, which means finding the APK file on the Internet. You’ll need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings to download and install the file. There are some risks in doing it this way. It’s not undergone any testing from Google, which identifies which apps could have malware and those that are safe. You have no guarantees that it’s free of viruses or other dangerous software.

While some apps on the Play Store are found to have malware, most do not. But, all Play Store apps have to get through a screening process to reduce the chances of virus infection.

What Should You Keep In Mind?

Legally, you can use ShowBox safely, but when it comes to your device, the same may not be true. If you download, install and use an app that’s not available from the Play Store, you’re risking the chance of it becoming infected with malware. To decrease the risk, use a reputable site to download the ShowBox APK file. Plus, use a virus scanner on your device to look for potential problems.

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