Is ShowBox Still Safe to Use in 2018?

ShowBox 2018

2018 is halfway through and questions such as whether this app or not is safe continue to linger in the minds of netizens. After all, security, privacy and safety just couldn’t be emphasized enough amid all sorts of threats — viruses, malicious codes, data breaches, and even legal repercussions,

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Is ShowBox, that popular app for streaming movies and other video content, still safe to use? And for users of the app, any improvements or updates to watch out for?

So, Is ShowBox Still Safe to Use?

Yes. It is and still safe to use and download on your smartphone. One developer at Quora vouched for it being free of malware and malicious code.

But here’s a word of advice regarding the use of the app.

While ShowBox has a functionality, which makes it extremely popular, to let users download content for offline use, it’s better not to use that. Stick to streaming content only.

This lessens the chances of being flagged about you violating the DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is a copyright law in the US. So it’s one thing to watch a movie on ShowBox, and another when you download it.

After all, movies are copyrighted material and downloading in whatever means remains illegal.

There is one workaround for the daring ones: use VPN when you torrent or download something. Don’t download over your Wi-Fi connection. Interestingly, people over Reddit think that it’s safer to download via Showbox than directly torrenting files.

So, weigh things carefully and be on the safe side of doing things always.

Mid-year Updates for ShowBox

Now, what’s in store for ShowBox in the coming days or months, perhaps?

For those looking for the latest APK, there are varying versions of the ShowBox app for download. The numbers indicating the build can be confusing as some don’t have a release date indicated.

Based on our research, these versions seem to be the most up-to-date: 5.10, 5.6, 5.5.

APK 5.10, for instance, promises these things:

  • Smaller size for faster download on Android devices with 4.0 or 4.2 + versions
  • Subtitle feature
  • Watch videos on Chromecast
  • Stream music
  • Filter content by year, title, rating
  • Can be used alongside external players like VLC

Version 5.6 is focused on improving user experience with a more user-friendly and intuitive UI. It has the functionality of 5.10 where you can choose an external player to watch content.

Predictably, Version 5.5 contains the music streaming feature and the ability to change the resolution of the video, as well as the ability to sort content accordingly.

With people on the go, the demand for streamable content that they can watch anytime, anywhere remains high.

For ShowBox, what’s clear is that whether you are using an older build or the latest version of the app, you will and can still enjoy streaming music, movies, shows, and other video content for free.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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