Download WhatsApp For PC Easily And Guaranteed To Work For May 2018 Update

Download WhatsApp for PC -May 2018

You might have wondered how to install WhatsApp for your own computer. Well, you have come to the right place because you can do it using a couple of easy ways.

First, you can do it using your Internet browser to get the WhatsApp Web feature that you are looking for. Nevertheless, this requires you to go to the webpage and login each time you open the Internet browser on your computer.

Second method is a more convenient option in which you get to download the app for your PC or Mac. The client for desktop is the same when it comes to WhatsApp Web service. However, it has an added advantage particularly when you are resuming or logging in the moment you turn your computer on.

If you prefer the second process, you need to download WhatsApp for your computer. Just visit the homepage of the official app via this link

Then, you need to install the app on the computer where you need to use WhatsApp. Good thing, it doesn’t require additional plugins when installing the app because it is ready to use right after the installation.

Accordingly, you can see an introduction screen that looks familiar. In fact, it is the same as the one from the WhatsApp Web. You only need to scan the code and you’re done. You are now ready to send a message to your family or friends.

Just make sure that the computer and your smartphone are going to be connected through the same network. This would ensure that the transfer of messages would be seamless from one device to another.

You would be able to login into WhatsApp the moment you turn your computer on. It is possible by setting it up from the menu button, where you can modify your phone status, profile picture, and access app settings. Just click on the Desktop Settings and enable login at startup option.

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