Installing MX Player For PC (2018) Possible Using Android Emulator

MX Player for PC - 2018

It is easy to download MX Player for your Windows PC and even on your laptops. However, you can’t download it directly on your PC because it is only available for Android devices. Here are some essential steps that you can do to make it work.

The solution for this condition is that you must use an Android emulator on your PC to be able to install this app on your PC. Emulators are software that would allow anyone to run Android apps even on your Windows PC without paying any fees.

MX Player can only be used on your PC via a popular emulator called BlueStacks. So you have to download this emulator and install it on your PC first. You can also use another emulator of you prefer because the steps are pretty much the same.

  • You have to download BlueStacks first from a trusted source, particularly on for that matter.
  • Install the app after successfully downloading on your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Once installed, you need to open BlueStacks and click the search button to be able to type MX Player. You can also go directly to the Google Play Store app and search from there.
  • The possible results will be displayed below so click on the most likely option.

It might take longer than you have expected but once it will be downloaded, it will notify you. You only need to verify if you have to install the app on the BlueStacks emulator. As expected, you can now use the MX Player on your PC with help from the popular Android emulator on PC.

The MX Player icon will then be displayed on the main menu and on the list of apps on the BlueStacks emulator. Just make sure you have enough disk space remaining on your PC for handling BlueStacks or any other emulator.

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