Alternative Windows Media Player Download And Install (2018) Updates

Windows Media Player Download and Install 2018

A lot of features have been removed based on the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. In fact, one of the things that might have been removed in the update is the Windows Media Player.

Although it can be said that Windows Media Player has no longer been an essential addition to the updated operating system, many people are still dependent on it to play various video or audio content.

This happened during the installation of the KB4046355 on devices running Windows 10 version 1709, which is the Fall Creators Update. Accordingly, Windows Media Player has been removed from the OS, but it doesn’t entirely remove the access to it.

However, you can bring back the media player by installing it via the “Add a Feature” setting. Just open Settings -> Apps -> Apps and Features -> Manage optional features. Choose the “Add a feature” and scroll down to Windows Media Player and click “Install”.

In a report released by Microsoft Corp. spokesperson, however, the plan was not to remove Windows Media Player from the Windows 10 platform. Anyway, you can always look for alternative media players for Windows PC.

Basically, there are lots of great apps that you can use and here are a few of the top choices that you can use for Windows computers.

  • Groove Music app is an easy to use platform that can store your own music in the OneDrive storage, as it can stream to any of your devices.
  • VLC is a type of media player that you can use to play media intended for PCs, game consoles, tablets, and phones. In fact, it goes beyond the digital files as it also offers streaming support. It also converts different file formats on your computer.
  • Spotify and Foobar2000 are also among the great streaming media for music nowadays.

If you are looking for excellent Windows media player alternatives that you can download and install on your computer, then you can begin with these top choices.

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