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WhatsApp Beta APK Full Version (May 2018)

WhatsApp Beta APK Full Version Comes With Tons Of Surprises (May 2018)

New updates are coming this year for the avid users of WhatsApp for Android. In fact, it is still in beta version, which offers bug fixes and voice locking message recording.

WhatsApp beta 2.18.109 was released recently on Android but it had the timestamp bug, which has used ASCII codes to replace the normal configuration. Thus, with the release of beta 2.18.113, this bug was indeed fixed.

The said bug would replace the timestamp like “Yesterday” or “Today” into ASCII codes, namely 89ESTERDAY and 84ODAY, respectively. The said bug wasn’t only affecting recently sent messages, as it also includes the dates, statuses, messages, time, video calls, and many other.

Another update released for WhatsApp beta was the ability to lock voice message recordings. This was added to WhatsApp for iPhone before, which was designed to allow users to record long voice messages conveniently. This can even be done without entirely holding down the record button.

More updates about WhatsApp for Android is that it is has been working for an option to play voice messages before they have ever been sent to the receiver. So you can listen to your own voice message before you are going to send it to your contacts. Moreover, part of the update will be the ability to show the size of particular sticker packs before you decide to download them.

You want to get a full version of WhatsApp beta today, you should first download and install the new version via some trusted websites. Nevertheless, you can get the beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store app if you are looking for an APK file. You can also download from the official site if you prefer to get the most recent version instead of the beta update.

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