Pokemon Go Beta Helps Test Updates Before Official Release (2018)

Pokemon Go Beta (2018)

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game created by Niantic for the iOS and Android mobile devices. Of course the game was released in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. The game requires the GPS ability of your mobile device so that you can find, catch, fight, and train a particular Pokemon creature.

This has been a sensation all over the world in 2016, which was credited due to its popularization of location-based and augmented reality technology. In fact, it has also helped local businesses flourish as it increased foot traffic. However, it gained some controversies due to its contribution to different accidents and being a public nuisance at particular locations.

A number of governments have also expressed concerns over the game’s security. As a matter of fact, some countries were able to pass legislation for the regulation of its use. Although it had its mainstream popularity declining at the end of 2016, the number of downloads has increased to more than 750 million after a year of its release.

Basically, players are required to move within the real surroundings, as their avatars would move within the map. You can see that various species of Pokemon reside in different areas of the world. As the players will encounter a Pokemon, it will be seen at the augmented reality mode. It can also be seen with a live rendered background. This is because it uses the gyroscope and camera of the mobile device of the player to display the Pokemon’s image just like it really exists in the real world.

So with or without the augmented reality mode activated, players can still take screenshots of the Pokemon they encounter. Pokemon Go players need not battle wild Pokemon to capture them, unlike the other installments of the Pokemon series. The players only need to throw a Poke Ball onto it by flicking it beginning at the bottom of the screen towards the Pokemon.

Once the Pokemon has been captured, it will become the property of the player. If you want to get a high success rate at capturing a Pokemon, then it requires timing and using the right type of Poke Ball to play the game.

New updates of Pokemon Go have enabled players to go on daily research tasks they can pick up from PokeStops. Players will have no problem how many tasks they are going to take up, but only a single Research Stamp can be picked up daily. When a player has already collected 7 stamps, a research breakthrough will be secured, offering rewards like TMs, Rare Candy, and encounters with the Legendary Pokemon creatures.

The most recent updates to the game can be previewed and experienced when using the Pokemon Go Beta app. Thus, if you want to play the game at the same time report errors in the upcoming Pokemon Go version, then you ought to become a Pokemon Go Beta tester. Rumor has it that only Niantic can determine if you would have a chance to test the most recent version of Pokemon Go even before its release date.

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