Installing Pokemon For PC (2018) Via Emulator Should Work Fine

Pokemon for PC (2018)

You might have wondered if Pokemon has a PC version where you can play instead of just on your mobile device. Well, there is an absence of Pokemon for PC for the moment. But, there is no need to worry, because you can always use an emulator on your computer to be able to run Pokemon as you would on any other device.

Search for a ROM from a trusted online source, such as from your Windows browser. Then, click on the search box, as you enter the title in the box located at the middle of the page. Thus, you can type Pokemon into the box, so that you can find the title you are looking for. Simply click Search when you are done typing the keyword and this will show all the Pokemon-related games.

As you scroll down to the results, look for the Pokemon game that you would want to download. Choose only a relevant game that would be marked as Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy Color, as they will be listed as its platform at the right corner of the webpage.

In this case, take note that there are games that are decent, while others are not. So, you can download the one with the most advanced ratings in the game. After clicking on the game that you would want to download and install, this will open the page of the game.

You should uncheck the “Install LoveROMS search extension” box. This is located at the bottom of the Download Now button of the game page. Then, click the Download Now button, which is located at the middle of the page.

When you are prompted to download, just click the Start Download button, prompting the ROM to download. After the Pokemon ROM is done downloading onto the PC, you can continue with the installation of an emulator-based ROM on your computer.

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