Facebook Hacks And Tips You May Never Have Heard Before (2018)

Facebook Hacks and Tips 2018

You might be dying to know some hacks and tips about your Facebook app to learn how to fix things. Well, you have come to the right place because here are a number of things that should be helpful in your endeavor.

Well, there are really no hack codes to get started with because Facebook often change the rules. Thus, there should be no hack code that would work today which would likely work tomorrow. This is because the links and features are often changed by Facebook designers that you can only guess what comes next. As a result, you would only wonder why your links and plug-ins stopped working.

However, here are some cool hacks and tips that you can use on a daily basis.

  • Posting To Facebook Via SMS

Even without installing the Facebook app, you can still post some eye-catching status via SMS. It might come in handy if you are one of the few people who prefer not to use a smartphone, but instead send SMS messages. You can do this by logging into your Facebook account from a PC. Then, go to Settings -> Mobile, then click the “Add another mobile phone number”, if you haven’t been able to add this phone to your account yet.

Choose the wireless carrier and click Next in which you have to send an SMS of “F” toward the SMS number of Facebook which is 32665. You will receive a confirmation code that you need to type in the field on a popup box on your PC. Just uncheck the “Share my phone number with my friends” and “Allow friends to text me from Facebook”.

  • Upside Down Facebook

This can be comparable to the old keyboard trick, which puts your PC screen upside-down. You can do this by rotating the computer screen when you press Ctrl+Alt+Down. In your Facebook page, simply choose the upside down indicator beside the language you are trying to select. However, this will not put the whole screen upside-down, but only the texts that you see on the app itself. There are many other services around the Internet that would allow you to convert regular texts to upside-down texts, such as Many Tools, among others.

  • Downloading Photo Collections From Profiles Of Your Friends

Considering you have lots of friends on Facebook, you might not be able to keep up with the tons of family photos they have posted. The problem is when you are interested in them in which you are excited to have your own private photo collection that you can review from time to time. Well, it should be a tedious task to copy one album after the other and uploading them into your own.

Well, that is never a problem with the app called Download Album. You need to install the app extension after downloading it, then you need to click the icon and choose the Normal button. Just make sure that you are positioned at the album you are trying to copy for your own before clicking the icon beside the search box on the Internet browser. A quick popup from your Facebook page will tell you that you are already downloading.

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