VidMate Free Download for PC Turns Your Windows Into an Android

If you love using your computer to watch music videos and movies, you definitely are at the right place. Actually, VidMate can be downloaded onto your PC or laptop. This becomes helpful when you would want to spend your time watching the latest movies all alone.

Vidmate app can basically be downloaded on your laptop or PC. An Android emulator like BlueStacks can help perform this task and equally install other Android apps on your Windows PC. Before you start, the first thing you have to do is to download BlueStacks.

When you want to install BlueStack, you simply need to fulfill the following requirements

  • The RAM of your PC needs to be 2GB and above
  • Your PC needs to have as a minimum 4GB of disk space to store Android apps
  • Ensure that admin privileges run any app on your PC
  • Update graphics drivers
  • DirectX 9.0 or more than

Also, you need to fulfill the following minimum requirements if Windows is running on your laptop or PC.

  • You must have NET framework 2.0 SP2, which can be installed from the web
  • Install Service Pack 3 or higher on your Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Windows Installer 4.5

You can now download VidMate available on Google Play Store after the successful installation of BlueStacks on your Windows computer. BlueStacks will be your Android device which will permit you to download and install any other Android apps as VidMate.

BlueStacks allows you to access Android apps on your computer. Therefore, you can run apps on your computer with no issue. These days, VidMate is becoming famous amongst Android device users because upon running on the platform of Windows PC, the emulator is compactable and flexible.

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