WhatsApp APK Beta Version Download For May 2018

WhatsApp APK Beta Version Download for May 2018

You can set your device to update to the latest WhatsApp APK version online. However, if you want to know more about upcoming updates that haven’t been released yet on WhatsApp, then you have to become a beta tester.

Becoming a beta tester would allow you to try features that nobody else has tried before. This can provide a range of features ranging from but not limited to bug fixes and new enhancements to WhatsApp for its future users.

Take note that there are a couple of levels to WhatsApp update, which include updates coming from the Google Play Store and the beta update posted one week before being released on the official site.

This method can also be used by developers to take a final testing procedure before the app will be released for public use. So, any problem that might have been causing the app to run smoothly can be fixed until the final minutes of testing. As a user, you can also send some comments about the beta version of WhatsApp in which the developers can fix.

Well, using an app during its beta stage can be beneficial to users like you. Here are some of the most important attributes of becoming a beta tester.

  • You can develop professional skills. You will be able to develop new skills for your profession. In fact, you can improve your writing and can increase your observational skills. Moreover, it can help you collaborate with like-minded people.
  • Improve the tech you are using. You can also improve tech products that you have already installed on your device. Once you submit a bug report, for instance, you can receive more information on how to improve your app. Therefore, you can update your systems or discover lesser-known workarounds.

Improve emerging tech trends. When you become a beta tester, you would likely step out of your comfort zone. Thus, you will be able to explore emerging tech trends without spending a fortune.

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