Check This Out: VidMate Download for Any Version of Android

We’ve covered all bases when it comes to VidMate, that powerful video downloader. And you might have known by now that its latest version may not necessarily work with your current Android operating system.

Don’t worry about it. VidMate comes in all versions. This article will explore the previous versions that may be compatible with your Android device.

VidMate for Android

Android users are fortunate in general because a lot of useful apps come their way. Take, for example, VidMate. It lets you download videos straight from YouTube, DailyMotion and so on. You can also download songs in MP3 format.

With its user-friendly interface, you can pretty much find your way in and out of the app. It also promises fast downloads so you can move from HD video to another.

The app is so relied on as evidenced by 500 million downloads. It is that popular and a must for people who can’t live without their videos and songs.

How Many Versions Does VidMate Have?

The latest APK version of VidMate has been released. The HD video downloader has been updated countless of times. At present, there are roughly 90 versions of the app up and running for download.

  • VidMate’s oldest versions documented are 1.65 and 1.66.
  • The next batch of updates had V2 (presumably, Version 2) in their names. Examples are V2.06 to V2.19, until V2.62.
  • For V3 versions, they started at 3.03 and until 3.45, at present.

VidMate generally runs on Android 2.2 and higher. The latest APK download has a system requirement of 4.0+. You can go to your device’s “Settings”, then scroll down to “Software info”, tap it and you’ll find the Android version as the top entry.

Earlier Versions of VidMate

Just because your version of VidMate is older doesn’t mean it is less useful. If it were not for the older versions of VidMate, the app will not be as stable as it is now.

Great examples of this are Version 3.11 and up. As each version progresses, we get to see an improved app with the following fixes, updates, and enhancements, including but not limited to:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Reducing crashes, failures
  • Addressing stalling and freezing of the app
  • Enhancing the search bar to optimize results
  • Removing glitches for smoother and faster playback of videos
  • Adding thumbnails and GIFs to videos
  • Improving user interface
  • Improving overall stability of the app
  • Addressing the problems containing disappearing tasks in the download tray
  • Enhancing viewing experience by automatically rotating the screen
  • Adding a new movie player

Downloading VidMate for Your Android

At the moment, VidMate is one of the best video downloaders out there. Its main perk is making videos accessible to you, that you can save them for later and you can play them anywhere in your day-to-day commute and travel.

And because it exists in various versions, you can certainly have one that is compatible with your device.

But the fun does not stop there. The Internet’s favorite memes have just crossed over to VidMate. Now that’s an all-around app.

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