How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android Mobile Devices

Fix Mobile Network Not Available

Android users probably encounter errors in mobile network connectivity. Most of the time, it displays as “Mobile network not available” which is common among the Android errors that you would encounter. When you encounter this error, you will lose connectivity, as you are unable to fetch the network signal.

Here are a number of methods that you can do to fix this type of error in your mobile network. But first, you need to switch your phone off by removing the battery and SIM card and reinsert them when you turn it off. If you see the same error when you have restarted the SIM, here are some quick fixes that you can mimic.

Fixing Network Issues

  • Open the Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> More -> Mobile Networks
  • Then, you have to click Network Operators -> Manual
  • Restart your Android device after doing these steps to get rid of the issues.

Fixing Improper Radio Signals

Simply change your battery and try a different one for your type of Android mobile device. This could resolve the problem effectively when you encounter the said issue. When the device works, this means that your battery has been damanged or has overheated.

Correcting Radio Signal Broadcasts

  • Simply dial the character combinations “*#*#4636#*#” from the dialer
  • A prompt will lead you to a testing menu
  • Click the device information of your mobile device
  • Run the ping testing procedure
  • Choose GSM auto (PRL) from the dropdown list
  • Then, click the Turn off radio option
  • Restart the device after performing the steps

Additional Fixes

If in case the steps didn’t work for you, then you have to mimic another process. Here are a few steps that you have to follow. Just go to Settings -> About device -> Software update -> Check for update. By following this step, you can fix the mobile network that is not functioning as expected.

More Options

If all else fails, you can apply a factory reset procedure. Simply go to Settigns -> Backup and Reset -> Factory Data Reset. On the other hand, you can choose to turn off your device, then hold down the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons altogether.

When the Android logo would appear on the screen, you have to release the buttons that you have held earlier. Now, use the volume rocker in order to select the options presented on the screen of your mobile device. If you need to confirm that option you have chosen, just click on the Power key.

In this case, you have to highlight the factory reset option and confirm the process by using the Power button. Then, you need to choose “Delete all user data” from the menu and confirm the choice. You only need to wait a few seconds in order to see the “Reboot system now” and choose it. As you do this, take note that you have to set it up again, as you would any new Android phone.

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