Windows Media Player Full Version Download and Its Alternatives

When Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was released, many features were eliminated. One of the features that could have been deleted due to the update was Windows Media Player. While many people don’t see Windows Media Player has a necessity on their computers to listen to music or watch videos, most others do depend on it to play audio and video content. 

The removal of Windows Media Player was seen with the installation of KB4046355 for computers running the Windows 10 1709 version (or Fall Creators Update).  Windows Media Player has been deleted from the operating software, but users were still able to access it. How is this possible?

You have to install it through the “Add a Feature” option. Go to Settings, Apps and Apps and Features and Manage Optional Features.  Pick “Add a Feature” and scroll down until you find the Windows Media Player option. Hit “Install.”

According to a spokesperson with Microsoft Corp., the update was intended to remove the Media player from Windows 10. 

However, since this appears to be the case, you can use other media players for your listening needs.  There are a plethora of wonderful media player-like apps that can be used. Some of the many includes:

  • Groove Music – This option lets you store music you own into a OneDrive Storage, streaming it to any device you want.
  • VLC – This option lets you play media designed for phones, tablets, game consoles and PCs
  • Foobar 2000
  • Spotify

Thanks to the array of media players available, you don’t have to go through the motions of downloading Windows Media Player unless you really want to. And, if you do, the steps above will help you to bring back to your device.

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