SOLVED: Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge Solutions and Fixes 2018

It could be your battery, the charger, or anything in between. Still, your Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge and you are stuck not knowing what to do.

Against this backdrop, this is a good place to start troubleshooting your device. Find answers to your charging woes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge When Plugged In?

Check Your Charger and Power

Have a good look at your USB cable used to charge your Samsung S5. Does it have any tears or damage? That can result in the device not charging at all.

The charging cable is often the first to get damaged because of improper handling, e.g. carelessly pulling the cable from the adapter, stuffing it anywhere thus bending and sometimes tearing the outer sheath of the wires, etc.

If the cable is intact, the problem can lie in the power outlet. Try switching it to another power source.

Focus on the Device

galaxy s5 won't charge
When neither the charger nor the outlet is problematic, the charging port found at the bottom of your S5 could be the culprit.

Clean the charging port by using a cotton swab or blowing a compressed air into it. Some suggest getting a pin to tweak the port and make sure it is properly aligned with the cable connector.

Poking around the port can damage the inside of the charging port. Be sure you have a good look at it and have ruled out all other important possibilities before you carry out this measure.

Is Your Battery Okay?

Aside from obsolescence, the pervasive use of power banks and the common practice of charging a phone while it is on contribute to shortening the lifespan of your battery.

If you have noticed your phone draining faster than usual prior to this incident, it might be the perfect opportunity to buy a replacement battery.

It might also be the best time to seek the help of authorized service centers for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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