GTA 6 To Be Released With PS5 And Xbox 2? Read To Find Out

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We won’t be playing GTA 6 anytime soon, that’s for sure. But the neverending speculations and rumors about its release are starting to push fans’ patience beyond bearable and decent limits.

It seems that GTA 6 may need a few more years before we even hear of it, let alone before we’ll be able to get our hand on it.

As painful as this might be, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise, if we consider everything that’s been going on with the game franchise Rockstar Games. We’re referring to GTA 5 which is still doing pretty well and to the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. So the company’s focus is definitely not totally aimed towards a brand new GTA.

GTA 6 Easter Eggs and Hints

GTA 5 suggests – using Easter Eggs found within the game – that the next installment might only arrive somewhere around 2021, and this is still the best scenario; Rockstar Games hasn’t answered anything subject-related.

Value Walk, on the other hand, seems more optimistic saying that GTA 6 might come at the same time as the new gen consoles, alongside with the PlayStation 5, to be more specific. Such a thing might make sense for Rockstar Games, if we consider the fact that they might use it as the introductory offer for their newest hardware.

There are some more rumors claiming that the lead in the next GTA might be a woman, and this is possibly one of Rockstar Games’ long kept plans that haven’t yet had the chance to be materialized in a game. Speculations name Hollywood star Eva Mendez and her husband, Ryan Gosling, as a possible choice, but nothing’s sure at the moment.

Fans can’t do anything to speed things up, but hope for the best and keep their spirits high and patience strong.

GTA Online Still a Money-Maker

Biker DLC GTA 5

The GTA 5 Online is still played by many gamers out there and this is the reason why Rockstar Games is not rushing to release a sequel to this game. In fact, the developer is still making good money with the GTA 5, as there are still new players who are purchasing the game and enjoying the online platform with their friends.

However, there are fans of GTA series that are now waiting for some official news regarding the rumored GTA 6 title. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has not confirmed this title yet, but that didn’t stop the rumors from appearing all over the internet.

We have to mention that over 75 million copies of GTA 5 have been sold, which means that the studio will not rush to release the GTA 6 very soon. Aside from the big popularity that the GTA 5 still has, rumors say that the developing company is waiting for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two to be released.

When is GTA 6 Coming Out?

Previous reports were suggesting that the GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2020. If this proves to be true, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will already be in the market. However, let’s not forget that Microsoft and Sony have not confirmed yet if the two mentioned consoles are under development.

When it comes to the story of the upcoming GTA 6, fans believe that the studio will take the story back in the past, sometime in 1970. Other rumors say that the GTA 6 will actually be set in a new city such as Tokyo or London.

A female protagonist is also expected to make her appearance in the upcoming GTA 6 title, which will surely please all women who like to play games. Until now, Rockstar Games have not confirmed or informed any of the mentioned rumors, but we think that the studio will be somehow forced to bring some official news about the GTA 6 sometime soon.

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