7 Must-Have Accessories For Your Smartphone

Whether used for business or pleasure, smartphones have become one of the most popular gadgets among people across the globe.

Knowing very well that one shoe does not fit all, smartphone manufacturers have made their offerings available in a variety of configurations and price ranges. With a little bit of homework and careful analysis, you can decide on the handset that works out ideal for you. To get the most out of your smartphone and to make using it enjoyable, there are a lot of smartphone accessories that you can check out. Some of them can even help in ensuring the long life of your device. Here, we try to present a few accessories that we think you will find useful.

Car Charger

car charger

Simple as it sounds, a magnetic phone chargers is a vital accessory and an indispensable part of your car if you do long car trips quite often. If you rely on apps like GPRS based apps to guide you on the route you should take to reach your destination; then your handset is very likely to run out of juice fast. To avoid getting stranded part way, a car charger can help you by charging your smartphone even as it gives you the directions. You get two types – one with an extra USB port and one without. The former can be quite useful if your co-passengers wish to boost the battery of their devices as well.

Bluetooth Handset

The handsfree operation is what you get with a Bluetooth handset. This lightweight device can prove to be handy if you receive a call while you are at the wheel or have your hands full with bags after a shopping spree. Most Bluetooth devices have a clasp for holding the device in place when you keep it in your ear. The adjustable clasp allows you to mount the device on whichever ear you are comfortable with. You can more often than not charge your Bluetooth gadget with your smartphone charger.

MicroUSB to HDMI Adapter

Want to connect your smartphone to a big screen TV to watch your favorite movie downloaded on your handset? This is where such an adapter can help you out. You can use the adapter to establish an easy connection between your smartphone and television. Streaming content has never been so easy. This accessory is gaining immense popularity with each passing day.

Docking Station

This accessory proves to be useful if you are afraid of your smartphone slipping off from surfaces like the dashboard of your car or your work table. Some docking stations come with a suction based feature to affix them to the surface you plan to place them on. If you are opting for such an accessory, you will need one for each surface you want to use it. For example, if you are using the dock in both your car and at work, you will need two of them. As a bonus, you could try to get a docking station that works as a charger and starts popping up your handset when you place the device on it.

Screen Protector

The screen is undoubtedly an essential part of your smartphone. Getting a screen protector could thus be of utmost importance and on the top of your list of to buy accessories. Often quite inexpensive, it comes in the form of a thin adhesive based film that you fix on the top of your screen. If properly placed on your screen, a screen protector can last for a minimum of six months and even up to a year.


The importance of getting a case for your smartphone cannot be forgotten. There are different types of cases available on the market. Rugged, sleek or fancy – there are cases to suit any taste. After all, when you shell out your hard-earned money to buy your favorite smartphone, you don’t want an accidental drop to result in a crack or a break, do you? So, do take the effort to spend a little more and protect your handset with a case or a cover.

Cleaning Cloth

This may sound silly, but if you have a touchscreen, you are sure to appreciate its importance. Touch screens can become smudgy quickly due to constant finger contact. This can affect the key presses and lessen the screen clarity. If you have a cleaning cloth ready, all you have to damp it a bit and gently wipe your screen. You can put this on a clean cover and keep it in your bag to take it with you wherever you go.

Storage Card

While some smartphones offer decent storage space, many handsets do not support this. This is when investing in a storage card makes sense. Reasonably priced you can get them in varying capacities from 8GB to about 128GB. The advantage of using this card is that you can store all your favorite files and install your apps on it and free up some of your phone memory. This, in turn, can lessen the slowing down of your smartphone. Once you have inserted a storage card, you can adjust your phone’s settings to save automatically all photos and videos taken with the camera to be saved on the card.

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