When Will Temple Run 3 Be Available For The First Time?

Temple Run 3 release date (2018)

You might be one of the gaming populace who has been blown away by the arrival of Temple Run in 2011. Anyone can simply recall how fun it was since the character who was actually an archaeologist was being chased by demonic monkeys throughout the quest. It was, in fact, a quest that you will be looking for a golden idol inside the temple from the Bornarzo Gardens in Italy.

The game was published by Imangi Studios and was first released for the iOS platform in 2011. Since its release, Temple Run became a hit and remained on top in terms of the number of downloads. The game was also released for Android and Windows Phone not long after in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Due to the popularity of the game at that time, a couple of spinoffs also gained a lot of fans. However, the Temple Run: Brave was just meant to promote the movie Brave, while Temple Run: Oz was intended to promote the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.

Where is Temple Run 3?

The hype of Temple Run then even raised the question about the third installment of the game. In fact, there were rumors that circulated that Temple Run 3 will be released soon. But speculations to have it released in 2016 did not come true. There were no rumors confirmed, however, by the developers of the game. This makes Temple Run: Oz to be the most recent game in the series.

According to some experts, the direction of the game could be taken in so many different directions. Nevertheless, it would be difficult to speculate without any official word from the developers themselves.

Basically, there are lots of people looking for the third game from the App Store and the Play Store. It has even become a trending topic in many forums. Some said that a particular developer was able to create a fake game that bears the name Temple Run 3 on it and uploaded it to the App Store. However, not long after Apple removed it for that reason. However, the trending searches weren’t updated so it still has been searched by many until 2018.

Downloading Temple Run

If you haven’t been able to play the game ever since then you can still download it from the App Store. As compared to the first release, it has lots of new features, such as new obstacles, new graphics, achievements, organic environments, bigger monkey, and special powers for every character you choose. There are even daily quest updates and rotating seasonal content, aside from the minor bug fixes that are released from time to time.

It can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store with the same new updates to the game. The most recent version was released in March 2018 with version 1.46, good for Android 4.0 and newer. Of course, you can still enjoy Temple Run 2 with your Windows Phone as it is available on the Microsoft Store. You might be required to have Windows 8 Mobile OS version as one of the minimum requirements to play the game.

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