Is It Possible To Get An Aptoide APK Download On Google Play Store?

Aptoide APK Download

You might be wondering why you are unable to search for the app called Aptoide from your Google Play Store. Well, it is because Aptoide is one of the best alternatives to the popular Android repository that rivals its features.

How to download Aptoide APK

You can download Aptoide APK though from a third-party, but not from the Play Store. Many people love Aptoide because it is a very powerful app store being managed by the online community.

The difference between the Play Store and Aptoide is that the former provide both free and paid ones, while the latter offers free apps only. The only similarity between the two is the availability of apps and games that you can download on your Android device.

However, it is impossible to download Aptoide APK from the Play Store due to the fact that it would offend the policy of Google regarding the “No competition clause”. People might be inclined to download and install Android apps because of the fact that the operating system has been used by over 95% of smartphones.

Aptoide Store vs Play Store

The Aptoide Store is capable of offering 800 thousand free apps, while the Play Store is offering millions of free and paid apps that you would be able to download directly to your smartphone without breaking a sweat. But take note that you can find free source and independent apps that you can install without the Play Store.

Nevertheless, you need to consider the strict terms and conditions of Google. You have to take note of its rules before you can just install any APK you have downloaded elsewhere. In fact, there are many apps that may not be able to make it to Google Play Store because of policy or app content violations.

Enable unknown sources

Therefore, if you have downloaded an APK file from Aptoide or elsewhere other than the Play Store, then you have to enable the “Unknown Sources” from your Android device so that you can install it. Simply tap on Settings à Security à Unknown Sources and enable it by ticking the box to the right of this option, and try installing the app.

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