Is Downloading Modded Play Store APK Safe?

modded play store

If you think the Google Play store has plenty of apps to offer, you will be surprised that you will have access to so much more via the modded Google Play store. This modified version of Google Play has several features like disable auto updates, successful license verification, and a refund for paid apps you download from Google Play.

What’s the catch?

Not all modded play store APKs are safe.

Unless you are the developer, you have no idea what the APK is bundled with, which could include virus and malicious code. This why it is recommended that you download APK from a trusted source or developer.

APK also known as the Android Application Package or Application Package Kit is the official file format that the Android operating system used to distribute, install, and manage a wide range of application found on the Google Play store.

Because it is a compressed file, malicious files can be bundled with the necessary files to run on an Android operating system. This is why an APK file is one of the easiest ways for hackers to penetrate a device of phish for information.

For this reason, be extra careful when downloading and installing APK files.

APKWing is considered completely trustworthy because they only share the original version of an app. Here, you will find APK files of popular Android games and apps that you can download and install without the worries.

You should also take safety precautions using the following tools:


This website lets you check if the APK file you have is harmful to your device or not. Just upload the APK file and get a confirmation in minutes. It is just unfortunate that there is a limit to the file size that you can upload using VirusTotal, particularly 128 MB. Any file larger than this, the website will not check.

  • Launch the VirusTotal website.
  • Click “Choose File” to upload an APK file.
  • Click “Scan It!” and wait for the results.

Harsh Droid

This app will check the hash of an APK file. It checks the SHA, which is a digital fingerprint of an app, to see if it matches the APK file. If it doesn’t correspond, you’re better off searching for a different APK.

  • Install Hash Droid from Google Play.
  • Select a hash file to scan.
  • Choose SHA-256 under “Select a hash.”
  • Select an APK file you want checked.
  • Tap on Calculate and wait for the results.

NViso APKScan

This app, checks the APK file that you want to side load. What makes it different from Hash Droid is that it provides a very detailed report. And, unlike VirusTotal, it has no file size limit.

Another option would be to use the web version. Where scanning is quick and easy.

  • Launch the NViso APKScan website.
  • Choose an APK file you want checked and then drag and drop it onto the site.
  • Click scan package.


APK files allow users to experience new applications that they would have to pay for to enjoy, otherwise. But the risk of a virus and malware attack makes it less ideal. Remember to scan the file first each and every time. Get the latest on the Google Play Store 9.8.07 APK here.

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