SolarMovie, YesMovies, and Movies123: Exploring the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites


Yes, it’s 2018 and relying on free video streaming sites to satisfy your binge-watching needs are the norm. Other than watching great selections on Netflix or support paid content on HBO, Hulu, and many other big video streaming sites, people still look for an all-inclusive resource where they can all find and watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

Today, there are a plethora of websites that people can enjoy. A lot of streaming sites can already provide a wide variety of selections. However, only a few have risen to a certain level of popularity. There are only a select few that have survived through these years.

If you’re looking for free movie streaming sites online, we know a few that you trust. Perhaps, these three are the most popular and trusted ones so let’s get to know them, shall we?


If there is a free streaming site that made bigger waves than its competition, then that might as well be SolarMovie. Millions of people all over the world have been relying on this website for many years now. When it comes to accessibility and availability, this website is very much like Putlocker.

Searching for your favorite movies and TV shows is very easy. With its wide selection of titles, you’re mostly going to find what you’re looking for, too. Stream quality provides an HD experience for all. Users can also customize their viewing experience. It’s also an easy site to navigate, therefore, it will not take a genius to begin your streaming experience with SolarMovie.


Another free streaming site that moves up to the roster is YesMovies. You won’t have to think twice about saying Yes to YesMovies. According to popular opinion, it’s the perfect alternative to SolarMovie especially during moments when users will find the website down again.

Like SolarMovie, users can customize any given videos to meet their own viewing preferences from full-screen viewing, high-definition options, to aspect ratio options. So whenever your favorite streaming site, such as SolarMovie, fails and crashes, YesMovies is always ready to save the day.


Most popularly known as 123Movies, this video streaming site is at par with other great resources online. It comes with the best movie categories available. Not only that, users can find titles outside of the United States. Videos are readily available in the best quality possible.

Other than assuring the best video streaming experience, Movies123 or 123Movies provide other services to its users. For one, this trusted site comes with an online music streaming service. Indeed, it has significantly stepped up the standards of free streaming with its 2-in-1 approach. Most of all, the site comes with a very easy user navigation experience for all.

The Bottom Line

While, in the end, streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on free streaming sites is not always assured, it’s still a great pleasure for millions of viewers all over the world to be able to enjoy watching videos without having to pay for anything.

Keep in mind, however, that there is also no assurance that these sites will always be around. Therefore, it’s always best to enjoy your preferred streaming site while you can.

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