The ONLY Reason Why You Should Not Pay for an Adobe Flash Player Download

Adobe Flash Player Download

Judging from a question posted on Adobe’s own forum, it seems clear that some still aren’t aware that Adobe Flash Player is provided free of charge. Meaning, you will spend NOTHING to download and install the product.

This is also a technology that has been around for decades, so surely word has gone around about it being available for no cost at all? If so, why do some still wonder if Flash Player has a paid version?

People with malicious intent

It’s true that Flash Player has been plagued with lots of trouble for some time now, and you couldn’t blame others for wanting to seek alternatives. Sometimes, this leads them on a path towards those with malicious intentions. An innocent question queried into a search engine can lead an unsuspecting user to a site promising great benefits in exchange for a small price.

This is a problem and education is necessary to prevent anyone from ever being victimized again. It all starts with letting people know that it will always be in their best interest to get Flash Player from its source.

Adobe remains the most reliable source

Certain problems can creep into products, leading to widespread distrust. Take the case of CCleaner in 2017: hackers were able to inject malware into the product, which then got distributed to millions of users. The download was from a legitimate source yet problems managed to sneak in.

It’s completely understandable for people to search for alternatives, something that doesn’t put them at risk. While finding a similar product from another trusted source is possible, sometimes the quest for alternatives leads many to dubious sources with false promises.

Although there are risks involved, like the CCleaner fiasco from 2017, a lot of companies – especially the big names – are still the best sources to obtain their products. For Adobe Flash Player, that will always be at Clicking on that link offers the latest stable version to install on your system.

Frequent updates are necessary

As mentioned, Flash Player has many security flaws. It may be coming to an end in 2020 but Adobe still has to address any security lapses from now until that date comes. This is why they still issue regular updates for the product even if it has a clear expiry date. As a user, it is your responsibility to check and update your product.

It’s not that hard to check for updates either. If you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer 11, the task is automatically performed for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to do things manually, you can use the update mechanism or head to the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

So why should you not pay to download Adobe Flash Player again?

Keep this word in mind: FREE. Any other source asking you to pay for installation is not legitimate, and may have ulterior motives for doing so. And it would be best if you report them as well – you’ll be doing many others a great service.

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