Lucky Patcher 7.3.8 is here, here are the latest updates

lucky patcher update
Lucky patcher just released their latest updates and it would surely be better than before.
These updates would get rid of most of the problems that you might have with the old version of Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher is an Android App that can control other apps. Basically, it is a software that lets you operate apps on your Android device for free. With it, you don’t have to be annoyed while using your Android device with the constant ads as you play your favorite game. Admittedly, that would annoy anyone as they want to concentrate on playing.

The apps business is a vast market, wherein some Android developers are making money tons of money from the apps that they made.  Of course, we all know how the world revolves, and we do understand that we need money for almost everything. Hence, this is the sole reason why these developers make apps in the first place. They would want to make money from the knowledge they have. Users need to pay for the apps before they would be able to enjoy them.  Sadly, most users aren’t that rich as they are just simple folks that enjoy their Android devices.

We all know that going to other places can be boring at times and thus, we need a mobile device wherein we can play some of your favorite games. That is what these Android devices offer to the people; hence they become popular right after they got released. With it, people don’t have to be bored while going on a trip. They have their device, and they just need to download the latest games. Sadly these games aren’t for free.

Problem solved

Luckily, Lucky Patcher makes it possible for users to enjoy those games for free. Money isn’t something that we can just throw away as it is hard to earn. Lucky Patcher makes sure that you can enjoy those games for free.


Recently, Lucky Patcher released their latest version, Lucky Patcher 7.3.8. If you are wondering what this update can do then here are some of the latest improvements.

Fixed filter for Android 6+

While using your Android Phone, you would encounter a filter problem. This would be a problem, but the latest apps take care of that.

Translations updated

We all know that different countries got the different language and this would be a problem as some people can’t understand what the other people are saying. Such apps feature is fixed that and make communication possible.

Bugs fixed

We all know how bugs work on Android devices as it makes the device annoying and a lot harder to use. This is the reason why developers try to release new updates of their current app as this fixes the problem that some of the users encounter.


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